We Denounce and Condemn the Massacre by the State of Israel!


​​​​​​​When the US announced that “the US would formally recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel”-which has not been implemented for 22 years-our Confederation (Confederation of Public Employees Trade Unions, KESK) issued a press release which recognises the US decision as a provocation. The press release also underlines that the US decision should be revoked.

Unfortunately, the US did not revoke its decision and stop the provocation. Furthermore, the US decision triggered the killings of dozens of Palestinians. Thousands of them were injured by the Israeli troops. In fact, the US imperialist policies led the Middle East and other parts of the world to bloodshed.

The US and Israeli approach to Jerusalem does not offer any solution to the problems rather deepens the conflict and chaos.

The US should abolish its decision and accept the legitimate demands of Palestinians.

The capital should be determined not by the US or Israeli politicians but local peoples.

We condemn the US provocation as well as the excessive and unproportional use of violence by the Israeli troops. We support the legitimate demands of Palestinians. We stand with Palestinians. We express our solidarity with Palestinians.

Violence and inhuman practices must stop without delay. Necessary political actions should be taken so that Israelis and Palestinians shall live together in peace.

KESK Executive Committee