State Of Emergency Targets Women Public Officers!



AKP Governments has policies that target women public officers. These repressive policies rapidly increase since the military coup attempt on 15 July 2016. Women public officers are subjected to repressive policies.

Since the State of Emergency has been declared, 28 emergency decree laws were issued by the Government. These emergency decree laws make destructive impacts on women’s situation.

Right after the State of Emergency has come into force, women’s organisations were closed down, thousands of women public officers were dismissed from their offices, women politicians as well as co-mayors and human rights defenders, trade union members are detained by courts, anti-women policies come into force, and women’s rights are violated by authorities. All of these developments indicate that AKP abuses the State of Emergency.In line with the Government’s policies on job security, which is being abolished day by day, there has been increase in attacks against women’s labour.There is an attempt to keep women at home through part-time, sub-contracted and remote working forms of employment. Also, women are considered mother and wife only. In other words, they are excluded from work life and public life. These employment forms, which are mainly flexible and have no rules, and approach towards women, create barriers to join trade union. In addition to legislative problems, mobbing and harassment are two other main problems for women public officers as well as workers.

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