Solidarity with Turkish Public service workers on strike for higher pay, better conditions and more workplace democracy


The Turkish Public Services Confederation KESK and its affiliates are on strike 27 August. EPSU supports the strike and the demands of the unions for decent wages and fair working conditions. The unions are protesting the Collective Bargaining Agreement that has been signed between the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Memur-Sen. It is way below the expectations of workers.

The negotiations take place every two years. While the agreement does foresee a salary increase for 2022 it is not enough to capture inflation and the need for decent wages. It does not address a range of other issues the KESK unions demanded solutions for. KESK demands  for all public workers:
–  A Wage Enough for a Humane Living
–  A Public Service for the People
–  Basic Income Security
–  Secure Employment, Secure Future
–  A Democratic, Fair Working Life
–  A Real Collective Bargaining

EPSU affiliates SES, TumBel-Sen, Yapi-Yol-Sen, BES and ESM joined the strike actions.