Freedom Report: Peace, Democracy and Rights in 2019


Democratic rights and freedoms, wages and social protection remain under attack in the majority of countries around the world, and the conditions for peace
and equality are absent.
The ITUC’s Global Rights Index depicts a world where democracy itself is at risk as people lose trust in institutions – 54 countries denied or constrained freedom of speech and assembly last year.
Governments are failing to protect their people from predatory capitalism with de-humanising exploitation in supply chains unchecked by the rule of law. Multilateralism is in crisis and yet the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO continue with policies that merely prop up a failed economic model.
Conflict is increasing and can only continue to escalate when these conditions exist. Governments are rearming, including with medium-range nuclear weapons, while weak global governance opens the world up to the grave threat of nuclear warfare. The UN itself is ineffective without shared leadership and solidarity from governments.

You can read the full report here.