Turkish municipal workers demanding more pay and secure jobs in Izmir


(3 October 2018) EPSU affiliated unions in KESK and DISK have organized a half-day work stoppage  taking place in Izmir, Turkey today 3 October.

The strike calls for the reinstatement of workers who have been dismissed under Turkeys situation, the government has acted in an arbitrary manner.  They are protesting  the outsourcing policies and want workers to be employed directly by the municipality.  Unions argue for a pay increase for those earning  minimum wage.   These widespread dismissals are having a massive impact on the lives of the families of hundreds of thousands of public service workers.

EPSU very much hopes that your action will help lead to the reinstatement of workers who have been treated so unfairly.

EPSU sends its support to all those striking in Turkey and has sent a solidarity letter.

EPSU solidarity with KESK and DISK – work stoppage 03.10.18 Izmir