Frightening terrorist attack in Ankara: Statement


European Economic and Social Committee’s Workers’ Group statement on the heinous terrorist attack on 10 October 2015.

On behalf of the European Economic and Social Committee’s Workers’ group, I would like to express to you all the sadness and pain that accompanied us in the hours that followed the frightening terrorist attack in Ankara. Killing hundred citizens who were demonstrating in favor of peace is a brutal crime, which will not weaken the forces that are fighting for peace, solidarity and democracy in Turkey, as elsewhere in the rest of the region so hurt by terrorism. We are with the Turkish trade unions DISK and KESK, promoters of the peaceful demonstration, with the families and friends of those men and women that have lost their lives.

The European trade union movement supports the Turkish trade unions and backs all initiatives that will continue to promote peace and democracy.

In solidarity

Gabriele Bischoff

President of the Workers’ Group